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Historic Hospital Admission Records Project



photo Annie Eastland in the 'Amy Louisa' cot, c1871
photo The inscription in a photograph album presented to patient Annie Eastland on her discharge from hospital by a Sister, Miss Dalrymple Hay (1871).
photo Annie Eastland, a patient at the hospital, pictured with her younger sisters, Mary and Lizzie, undated, c1870.
photo Possibly Annie Kennett, patient admitted in 1872 with disease of the knee joints. (March 1873)
photo Nurse bathing a baby, c1913
photo An engraving of a mother administering oxygen to her dying child (nd)
photo Edwin Bedwell, admitted 1877
photo Unknown patient (nd)
photo Unknown patient in cot dedicated to the memory of Charles West's wife, Mary, c1912
photo Nelly Wallace, patient in 1872 and 1873. (nd)
photo Rebecca Novis, patient in 1871
photo Sydney Jones, patient in the Aunt Judy's Magazine cot, 1873 
photo Tom Garvey, patient in 1871
photo Willie Catlin, patient on five separate occasions in the 1870s. (nd)
photo Willy Perry, admitted three times between 1877 and 1881. (nd)
photo Clara Richardson, patient in 1873 who stayed for almost one year.
photo Minnie Ashman, a patient from June to October 1873, in the Evelyn Maud Cot.
photo Minnie Ashman, a patient from June to October 1873.
photo Sarah Coulson, a patient in 1875, in the Little Cherries Cot
photo A litle patient, possibly Walter or William Newsome, who stayed in the Hospital in 1873.