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Historic Hospital Admission Records Project



photo Catherine J Wood, Lady Superintendent (nd, 1878-1888). The picture was taken some time after she left the hospital.
photo Helen Ferguson, one of the first Sisters in charge of the Outpatients' Department (nd, 1874-c1881.
photo Isabella Babb, the first Lady Superintendent (nd, 1862-1869). 
photo Sarah Hall, first Superintendent of Cromwell House Convalsecent Home at Highgate. (nd, 1869-1876)
photo Sarah Singleton, a sister in the Outpatients' Department in the mid 1880s (nd). She died in January 1885 of scarlet fever.
photo Catherine J Wood, Lady Superintendent (nd, but probably taken while she held this position, 1878-1888).
photo Mrs Emma Rice, Matron to the Hospital from 1855 to 1862 (nd).
photo Eliza Handley, nurse at the hospital from 1884 to 1886 (nd).
photo A group of nurses, c1871.
photo The sitting room in the new nurses' home, which opened in 1898. (c1898)
photo Group of nurses in the 1875 building in front of the entrance to the chapel. (nd, c 1900)
photo Believed to be a group of sisters and the Lady Superintendent, c1871. Seated, middle, Miss Edith Vizard (Lady Superintendent, 1869-1871I). R-L: Miss Ann Dalrymple-Hay (a sister, replaced Miss Vizard as Lady Superintendent, serving until 1877), Miss Elizabeth Laishley (a sister, appointed Lady Superintendent at Cromwell House in 1878), Mrs Dacre and Miss Annie Balderson (who joined Dec 1870 as a lady pupil).
photo A group of nurses, c 1871.
photo Mrs Frances Willey, first Matron to the Hospital for Sick Children, 1852-1855. (nd)